For today's mani I was feeling the color purple, so I used 3 different shades for this look; 2 lighter shades of purple for my base color and a dark purple to stamp the design. One of the current nail trends is to have an accent nail. The accent nail can be similar to the main base color or a contrasting color, depending upon the look you're trying to achieve. I love doing the accent nail because I have so many polishes that it allows me to actually wear more of the colors I have. I have over 400 polishes, and my goal is to try to wear every color I have.

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Remember...stay Polished at All Times

Here's what I used:

Base coat: Seche maintain
Base colors: Violet Voltage (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear)
                     Hi-Res (Milani 3D Holographic) on the accent nails (thumb and ring finger)
Stamp: Dark Purple (Konad special stamping polish)
Image Plate: Dashica Beauty Shop, Big SdP O

The Sally Hansen Violet Voltage polish application was very smooth.  Just be careful not to use too thick of a coat, as it will create patchy spots if you go over the area multiple times.  I did two coats for maximum opacity.

The Milani Hi-Res polish application was very smooth as well.  No application issues, but it does need 3 coats for maximum opacity.  I knew from the first coat, that it would need three coats, which is why I decided to  make this the accent nail color.