Hi, my name is Lo'Rain...and I am a self-professed nail polish and nail art stamping addict!

Here’s how my addiction began:

I have always loved nail polish and have coveted beautiful nails, but I had to stop wearing acrylics, not only because of the damage it was doing to my nails, but mainly due to the insane cost; which became even more expensive if you wanted a design on each nail or the classic French tip.   So, once I stopped wearing acrylics, not only did my nails began to grow stronger and longer, but I became determined to do them myself.  I love the French tip look and decided to put my own spin on the classic French by painting the tip every color but white.  As much as I loved having great looking nails, I was extremely frustrated because I wasn't very good at painting the tip perfectly free hand.  I tried the tip guides and as many of you know the polish seeps under the edge of the tape and totally ruins the “so-called perfect smile line” the tip guide is supposed to create.  Needless to say, they just didn't work very well for me and I stopped using them.  I slowly got a little better at painting the tip with various colors and coordinated my toe nails, but that just wasn't enough because it took forever trying to get them perfect.  They would look nice from afar, but up close was another story.

But then on May 15, 2010, I discovered Konad (and yes, I remember the exact date).  I remember the day vividly, because I was in heaven.  I was at my local flea market (Trader's World) with my husband, when I came across a booth (Mary Ann's) that sells Konad nail art stamping kits.  I had seen an infomercial about it sometime before, but I had to see it in person before I bought it (in case it had the same horrible results as the tip guides) and there it was.  I got a demonstration on how to use the nail art stamping kit...and from that moment on I was hooked, or better yet ADDICTED!!!  Since my birthday is May 14th, my husband bought me a kit; and not just any kit, but a really great kit.  And that is how my obsession with nail polish and stamping began.  Below are the details of the kit I got for my birthday. 

 I will provide more details about Konad, other stamping brands, nail polish, designs  and nail products I use in future posts.

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Konad Set A ($135.00) includes:

  • 10 Large special polishes (11ml - white, red, blue, black, yellow, green, wine red, gold, silver and pink) 
  • 1 Special top coat (11ml, clear)
  • 10 image plates
  • 1 Rhinestone pack (50 pcs)
  • 1 Design emery board
  • 1 3-way shining buffer
  • 1 stamp
  • 2 scrapers
  • 1 tweezer
  • Packed in an elegant gift box

Konad Set A
Konad Set A