My favorite colors are blue and green and lately, I have really been feeling green. For today's mani I am using two different shades of green; a deep metallic and a pale holographic green. I have alternated the color on each nail and polished it the opposite on the other hand.

Here are the specifics:

Base coat: Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment
Base color: Con-Fused? by China Glaze
Base color: Hi-Tech by Milani (3D Holographic)
Top coat 1: Seche Vite - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
Stamp color: Con-Fused? & Hi-Tech
Top coat 2: Freedom by Julep
IP: Dashica Beauty Shop Big SdP V

I am absolutely loving Hi-Tech; not just because it's holographic but it's a beautiful shade of green. And it's least in my collection. The application of Hi-Tech is flawless. It goes on smooth and even...and it dries very quickly. If you want a subtle look you can apply just one coat, but I applied 2 coats for maximum opacity. As a stamping color it's not that is very subtle.

Con-Fused? is also a great color. It's a really great medium metallic green that is opaque in one coat. Since I was happy with the opacity, I applied just the 1 coat. You can slightly see the brush strokes (as with most metallics), but not enough to deter me from wearing it. For stamping, it works great; it doesn't lose any opacity. Since its a thicker formula, you have to be careful how much you use when stamping; otherwise you will have to scrape multiple times because there will be too much polish on the image plate (IP).

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