Ok, so I am not really happy with the outcome of the design of this mani.  I absolutely love the colors, but for some reason, I just could not execute the multicolor stamping the way I envisioned it.  I really love how the previous multicolor mani turned out, that I couldn't resist trying it again.  It’s not horrible, I just don't like that I wasn’t able to get the colors to follow the lines of the design...they kept spilling into the other colors.  Which could have been because the holographic polish I used was pretty fluid.  I applied my normal alternating mani, more Zuza on the left and more of Thistle or That? On the right hand.

Here's what I used:

Base coat: Yellow Buster by Develop 10
Base color: Thistle or That? By Flower (light turquois)
Accent color: Zuza by Zoya (darker turquoise)
Top coat 1: Seche Vite - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
Stamp colors: Beyond by Color Club 2013 Halo Hues Collection, Black Pearl & White by Konad
Top coat 2: Seche Ultra-V cured under a 54 watt UV lamp for 5 minutes
IP: Dashica Beauty Shop XL SdP 11

I really wanted to love Thistle or That? By Flower...but I wasn’t pleased with the application.  It was streaky and patchy so a 2nd coat is a MUST...to cover up the streakiness.  The formula is pretty thick, which contributes to the streakiness.  Even applying a thin layer did not help, but after the second coat it looked great.  It’s a really beautiful pale turquoise-minty green color.  Flower is a new line of all beauty products by Drew Berrymore; none of the products are tested on animals.  I did pick up two additional colors from the collection and hopefully the application will be better.  I will most definitely do a blog post.

Now Zuza is a completely different story...the application is flawless!!!  Smooth, no streaks nor patches...just a beautifully even shimmery coat of polish.  You could get away with 1 coat, but I used two.  I am extremely happy with this polish and would definitely recommend this.

Polished At All Times...By Lo'Rain