For today's mani I wanted to use colors I don't normally reach for; reds and golds. Red is the color I have the least of in my collection because its messy and has the greater potential to stain your nails. The red I chose today isn't a true red, but a shimmery red-orange color by Zoya. The gold I chose isn't a very vibrant gold, but also not a pale gold, but a mid-toned gold.

Here are the specifics:

Base coat: Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment
Base color: Beyonnce by Zoya
Accent Nail: Felicity by Julep
Top coat 1: Seche Vite - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
Stamp color: Beyonnce & Bold Gold by Color Show
Top coat 2: Freedom by Julep on my left hand
Top coat 3: Seche Ultra-V by Seche
IP: Dashica Beauty Shop Big SdP M

I am still in the process of testing out the two top coats, which is why I am using Freedom and Seche Ultra-V. I wanted to compare the two to see which works best or if they're the same (click here if you would like to read that post).

Beyonnce has a very fluid application, and applied very nicely. The fluidity makes it easier to control and apply thin, even coats. This polish requires two coats for maximum opacity. For stamping this polish isn't very opaque and shows up very muted.

Felicity, like Beyonnce, is very fluid and applies just as nicely. I was also able to easily apply two thin coats for maximum opacity. Since this gold wasn't very opaque, I didn't attempt to stamp with it because I wanted the gold to be very vibrant so I chose to use Bold Gold by Color show.

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