Here's my update on Freedom and Seche Ultra-V...

I polished my nails on Thursday, 1/31/13 and used two different topcoats so I could compare them. On my right hand I applied Freedom and on my left hand Seche Ultra-V. I cured them both under my 54 watt UV lamp for a total of 5 minutes.

Friday night I noticed my the polish on my right middle finger began to lift. I actually had to add more topcoat under the spot that lifted to get it to stick to my nail, then I applied more on top and cured it under a regular light bulb for about 2 mins. I must say, it was completely dry in 2 minutes. I also noticed a small chip on my pinky nail, but the other nails with Freedom were in perfect condition. But then, by Saturday night the piece that I repaired on my right middle finger lifted again and came off. I also noticed some lifting on my right ring finger at the very inside edge and wear and a chip on my thumb. By Sunday morning every nail had some chipping or wear on them.

On my left hand where I applied Seche Ultra-V I noticed some wear or possibly shrinkage, on the inside edge of my thumb. There was also some lifting on the left ring finger, but not to the point of needing to reattach the polish to my nail. There was also a small chip on the left middle finger, but barely noticeable. The other nails were still in perfect condition. But, by Sunday morning, like my right hand, every nail had some chipping or wear on them.

In terms of glossiness/shine I did not notice any difference for either brand...both retained their high-gloss shine. My manis normally hold up better over the weekend because I'm not really doing very much. I work in an office, so I am on the computer typing most of the day, so its normal to have wear and subtle chipping on the free edge or tip of my nails.

There could have been several factors relating to how quickly the polish began to chip, such as:
the base coat used...I used a new base coat by Julep, the Oxygen Nail Make up
it is recommended that for best results not to wear any other polish over it.
Application...maybe I didn't apply it evenly in the areas that shipped and showed wear.
Application...didn't clean up around the edges of the nail thoroughly...which can cause chipping once the polish on your skin start to come off. It's still attached to the polish on your nail and will pull that off when it peels off the skin.
The amount of and length of time your hands are in water.
my hands were not overly exposed to water until Saturday night...I washed my hair. But at that point the lifting and initial chipping had already occurred.
Using the UV lamp could have been a factor for the nails polished with Freedom.
Polish used…some base coats, top coats and treatments work best with their polish brand.
Both polishes I used were made by Julep.

I am going to use them both again on my next mani, because I would like to provide a thorough review and application really isn't enough to say whether any one product is better than another. I am debating whether I should again apply Freedom to my right hand or if I should flip flop it. I will figure that out before I do my next mani...which will be sometime today because I have way too much chipping to wear it looking like that in public. Another update will be coming later this week...probably Wednesday, 2/6/13. The first 4 pics below were taken Saturday morning; the 5th Saturday night and the 6th Sunday morning.

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