So, I couldn't force myself to keep the red and gold mani on until Wednesday; I just wasn't really feeling it. So I changed it yesterday, that NOTD is already posted (Going Green).

This update will be brief, as there was no difference in glossiness so I will be focusing on chipping and wear. To recap, for the 1st mani I applied freedom on my right hand instead of my left as I did for the 2nd and Seche Ultra-V on my right which is my dominate hand.

Surprisingly, the left hand with Freedom had virtually no chipping nor wear. There were 2 very minuscule spots of wear on 2 of my nails at the free edge. But the spots were only visible if looking at the underside of my nails. So I was extremely pleased.

The hand with Seche Ultra-V had some visible chipping and wear along the free edge of a few nails. Not visible to the point of it being unsightly or anything, but still visible if you looked closely enough.

My conclusion is that both Freedom and Seche Ultra-V are equivalent high-shine, long lasting top coats. I applied Freedom on both hands to determine if the chipping and wear that occurred more on the right hand had anything to do with it being my dominant hand. In my experience I would say yes, it does, because for both manis I applied, my dominant hand had the most chipping and wear. So I would recommend both. Freedom is more expensive, $18.00 for 0.27 oz ($14.00 if you're a member) and can only be purchased from or Sephora. Or if you live in the Seattle area you can purchase it at one of the Julep Nail Parlors. Seche Ultra-V costs $6.99 - $8.99 for the standard 0.5 oz (depending upon where you buy it) and can be purchased at your local Sally Beauty stores or a number of online retailers, like Amazon. The major difference between the 2 is that Freedom can be cured under a regular 60 watt bulb, while Seche Utra-V requires a UV lamp to cure. Freedom may be a better choice if you don't want to shell out the $30 - $100 (or more depending upon the brand) for a UV lamp. But considering it is only 0.27 oz, after buying 2 or more bottles of Freedom you've pretty much paid for a UV lamp. Hopefully this was helpful. Also, I've posted some videos on YouTube, which you can access via the video widget in the menu on the right. If you're viewing my blog from a mobile device or tablet you will need to click the "View Web Version" link at the very bottom of each post to see all the items in the menu bar.

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