Simply put...It's salon quality designs done at home

For those of you that do not know about nail art stamping, prepare to be revolutionized. Nail art stamping is a system of design stencils, that you transfer to your nails using a rubber stamper. The designs are laser etched into metal image plates, you then apply polish over the image, scrape off the excess polish with a scraper, then pick up the image with the stamper and finally, apply it to your nail.

As of today, there are many brands of image plates and stamping kits you can buy, at varying prices, but Konad was the first. Konad image plates are round metal disks, with anywhere from 5-7 images per plate (see 1st image); depending upon if there are full nail images on the plate. The image plates (IP) with 7 designs per plate are those with smaller images such as flowers, butterflies, numbers and other abstract designs.

These IPs with full nail designs (see 2nd image) usually have only 5 images on the IP as they take up more space. Full nail images are just that, images designed to cover the entire nail in one stamp application...depending upon the width and length of your nail bed. If, like me, you have wide nail beds or fairly long nails Konad is probably not the best brand for you. But I will provide further information about the other brands available in a future post. This post is to open your eyes to the wonderful world of stamping.

As I mentioned above, other tools needed is a stamper and scraper. There are different types of stampers and scrapers available, but the most common and widely available is the one shown in the 3rd image. Many people also choose to use a credit card or store card in place of the metal scraper (which is shown in the 3rd image) to avoid scratching the IP. Plastic scrapers can also be purchased.

Then there is the polish to use to stamp with. Konad has a line of special stamping polishes...which I love. These polishes are not to be used to polish your nails; they are too thick and will not dry. They are made specifically for stamping. While you can use other polishes to stamp with, the Konad special polishes provide the best results. Stay tuned for future posts about polishes I have found to work well for stamping.

The stamping kits can be purchased from Or if you prefer to see a live demo and live in the greater Cincinnati/Dayton area you can purchase it from Mary Ann's, which is located in Trader's World Flea Market in building 5 or at Treasure Aisles building 1.

Below is a list of the other stamping brands available (more info on each brand will be provided in future posts):

  1. Konad
  2. Bundle Monster
  3. Cheeky
  4. Dashica Beauty Shop
  5. Mash
  6. Red Angel

Stay Polished at All Times!!