Ok, so its Saturday and I just did my last mani on Thursday and I have to change it already because of the chipping! It actually started chipping on Friday...the very next day. I was utterly disappointed because I really, really love the colors.

Now, there are a few things I did differently that may factor into the super fast chipping.

  1. I always apply Chip Skip by OPI before applying my base coat, but I ran out. Chip Skip removes any oils that may be remaining on your nail bed. This time I just used the 100% acetone remover, but I think I used a nail brush that I had been using with a nourishing remover...so it may have added some oil to my nails inadvertently. I have heard that using regular rubbing alcohol does the same as Chip Skip, but I don't have any alcohol either. So until I get some I am going use a clean unused nail brush to see if that helps.
  2. I used a new base coat, the Yellow Buster by Develop 10. This was my first time using this product so I do not know if it normally causes chipping. I will try it again for my next mani to see if the excessive chipping still happens.
  3. I have heard that many of the holographic polishes are just prone to chipping, so it could just be the polish. But I am going to try another holo polish from Color Club for my next mani to see if it still chips quickly, making sure to do the other things I mentioned above to prevent chipping.
  4. For my top coat, I used the Julep Freedom Polymer top coat...maybe it just doesn't work well with this brand and polish formula. I may try Seche Ultra-V this time.

If you have used any of these products and had the same outcome or a better outcome, please leave a comment telling me what and how you used them. I would really like to know if any you had the same problems I had.

Here are some pics of the chipping.