Today, as with most days, I had trouble deciding which colors to paint my nails so I enlisted the help of my friend +Shari Lee and she helped me pick my colors.  This mani is like the previous mani, my ring and pinky fingers are the accent nails, while the thumb, index and middle fingers are the major base colors.  For the major base color I used Ally by Julep from their new Brights collection.  For my accent nails I applied Laney by Zoya, the platinum silver color.  I used the same full nail design for all nails except my ring finger.  On my ring finger I stamped a smaller image as an accent.  Due to my indecision and haste to get done I forgot to take photos of the base colors without the stamping; but you can see them in my Polish Review and NOTD YouTube videos for this .

Here's what I used:

  • Base coat: Seche Recondition
  • Base color 1: Ally by Julep (royal blue)
  • Accent Color 2: Laney by Zoya (platinum silver)
  • Top coat 1: IBD UV Top Coat - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
  • Stamp colors: Worth the Risque by Color Club (holo silver) & Blue Pearl by Konad
  • Top coat 2: IBD UV Top Coat cured under a 54 watt UV lamp for 3 minutes
  • IP: Dashica Beauty Shop - XL SdP 3 & 11

Ally by Julep from the Brights Collection, which I find odd because both colors I received from this collection are not what I consider to be bright colors.  Don't get me wrong it is an extremely beautiful royal blue, just not bright.  The formula is OK,  it's perfectly opaque in 1 coat, but it's very thick and can get pretty messy.  I only applied 1 coat, no need to ever do it, plus with the thickness of the formula it probably would have never dried.

Laney by Zoya is a gorgeous platinum silver, with a subtle blue-green shimmer that is only visible on the first coat.  This formula is pretty fluid, but very easy to work with and a joy to apply, surprisingly I had virtually no clean up to do.  It is not opaque, so 2 coats are necessary (which is what I used), unless you are going for the subtle shimmery look.

So, what color combo and design should I do next?  Let me know in the comments.

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