I pretty much just use two products when it come to removing my cuticles; +OPI Inc Avoplex Exfoliating cuticle treatment and +ORLY  Cutique cuticle & stain remover.  I don't use them both at the same time; I use them interchangeably depending upon the condition of my cuticles.

When I use the OPI Avoplex as directed I do not need to use Orly's Cutique as often.  It is recommended that you use the exfoliating treatment several times a week.  When I am being good, I use it every time I change my polish.  And trust me, it does make a huge difference in regard to how healthy your cuticles and nails are. If I am wearing a mani longer than 3 days I will use the OPI Avoplex while my nails are still painted; and it does not mess up or dull your mani.  I use it the same way I use cuticle oil.  I apply a small bead to the base of my nails, then rub it in using circular motions to the base and side walls of my nails (where your cuticle grows from).  Its an exfoliant, so it removes the dead tissue that is growing out and will keep you mani looking nice and neat.  It will also remove any left over nail polish that you may have on you skin.  I absolutely love this product and you only need to apply a small amount so it lasts a very long time.  I originally purchased this from Amazon.com as part of a 3-piece set, which also included a cuticle oil pen and an intense therapy lotion.  The set was about $10.00 when I purchased it last year, but I have recently found the set for $7.50 from NailSupplies.US.  Click here for details about the OPI-You're Spa-Cial set.

When I am bad, and don't use the exfoliating treatment throughout the week as directed, I have to use Orly's Cutique to care of my cuticles.  This is another product that lasts a long time; the formula is a gel that you brush on to your nails.  I let it sit on my nails for about 60 seconds and then I us my cuticle pusher to remove the dead cuticle.  I start from the tip of my nail pushing up towards the base.  I just repeat the same on all my nails until I have removed all the cuticle.  Another benefit of this product is that is whitens your nails...and it really does.  I'm not saying they are going to be sparkling white, but they will be much whiter than prior to using the product.  I purchased this at Sally Beauty, but I cannot say for sure if they still carry it; if not you can get it from Amazon.com.

I recommend both products.  Below are my before and after cuticle removal pics.



 After Trim & File:

After 2 coats of Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment:

My Cuticle Remover Routine:

How I Trim & File My Nails