I recently heard about a program called Influentster from a YouTube friend.  Basically what it is, is a service where you join their website (by email invite), you fill out surveys and write product reviews.  Then at some point, you may/may not get a notification that you might be sent the next Vox box.  At that time, a lists of tasks to compete are available within your profile.  If you are selected you will be notified and within 2 weeks you should receive you box.

There are several tasks that you must complete once you get your box; if you don't you will not eligible to get any future boxes.

LIke I said, I just joined a couple weeks ago and I filled out several beauty surveys pertaining to hair, skin care, makeup and nails.  I also competed some product reviews and next thing I know, I was notified that I might get the Mary Kay Vox Box.  I was shocked because I thought it would take longer before I got selected.  But when I heard it was a Mary Kay box, I IMMEDIATELY completed the tasks.  Here's a pic of my box.  I will write a separate post detailing what I got.

If you are interested in joining leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.