Dashica Beauty Shop stamping IP are HANDS DOWN THE BEST BRAND I HAVE EVER USED!!!  These plates are not as widely available as the other plates are, you can only purchase them directly from the creator and the company is based in the Netherlands.  The prices are comparable, but slightly higher, to the other brands; the Big SdP IPs cost approximately $19 US (€13.99 euros) and the XL SdP & Dash lines cost approximately $5 US (€3.50).  But I do believe that you get what you pay for. While you do pay an insurance and shipping cost €16.50, this doesn't bother me, because when you order the other brands from Amazon, you are paying separate shipping on each item (most times) which can quickly equal or exceed the $16.50.  

These are my #1 choice of IPs because they have EVERYTHING that I look for in an IP.  Quality, size, uniqueness and variety of the designs.  These are not designs that are replicated across the many other brands like the Konad images are, as they are copy right protected.

I always recommend these first.  I love this brand for so many reasons:
    1. Superior quality
    2. Individual designs are the largest I have seen...fit my nails and with extra
    3. Fabulous & unique designs
    4. Mirror image designs
    5. The # of designs per IP - Big IPs have 42 designs/IP; XL SdP IPs = 15+ designs/IP
    6. She also makes IPs that are especially longer for those with longer nails
      1. no other brand that I've heard of offers this!!
Dashica Beauty Shop offer 4 separate lines of IPs.  
  1. The Big SdP line are large, rectangular metal plates that measure 210 mm H x 178 mm W.  They have holes punched in the side so they can easily be stored in a binder.  These IPs are mainly all full nail images (some plate have single images) with 42 images/plate.  This line is itemized Big SdP A - Z.  New IPs are released in sets of 4.
  2. The XXL Big SdP line are extra large, rectangular metal plates that measure 25.2 cm L x 30.5 cm W.  These IPs are comprised of single and full nail images and I am not sure how many images/IP as these are like those really, really large Konad IPs.  There are currently only 2 plates in this line: XXL Big SdP 1 & 2  and cost €39.99 each.
  3. The XL SdP line are small square, metal plates that measure 8 cm H x 7 cm W.  These IPs are a mix of single and full nail images, usually having 3 full nail images and the rest mirrored single images (if needed).  FYI…these are too wide to fit in the baseball card sleeves.  This line is numbered from XL SdP 1 - 120.  New IPs are released in sets of 20.
  4. The Dash line are small square metal plates that measure 6 cm H x 5 cm W.  These IPs are comprised of single and full nail images and the number of images/plate varies from IP to IP.  This line is numbered Dash 1 - 40.  You can purchase these IP individually for €2.99 or you can buy them in sets, IPs 1-20 are a set and 21 - 40 are a set which costs €45 each and each set includes a purse type storage case.

What I own:

  • Big SdP: A - Z, except E & G.  The only reason I did not purchase them is because they were all small single images, for which I have some Cheeky plates with similar designs, that I've never used.  So I figured I didn't need them.  
  • XL SdP: 1 - 20 & 36
  • Dash: #18, but I do plan to purchase more.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Wondering which brand is my next favorite?

You can access her website at: http://www.dashicabeautyshop.nl/

Stay Polished At All Times…by Lo'Rain!!

Big SdP
Dash (1-20 set)

Dash set (1-20)
Dash set (21-40)