Another simple alternating mani, using 2 base colors and 1 textured polish on the accent nail.  Today's color choices were a pastel yellow and teal and the textured polish had both colors in it.

Here's what I used:

  • Base coat: Seche Recondition
  • Base color: Aquadelic by China Glaze
  • Accent Nail: Lexington Yellow by NYC
  • Accent Nail 2: Fuzz-Sea by Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat
  • Top coat 1: Seche Vite Top Coat - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
  • Stamp colors: Aquadelic & Konad Yellow
  • Top coat 2: IBD UV Top Coat cured under a 54 watt UV lamp for 3 minutes
  • IP: Dashica Beauty Shop - Big SdP Y

I was really looking forward to trying, Lexington Yellow by NYC because of how well another color in this brand applied.  While this pastel yellow was not opaque in 1 coat, I must say the formula was still very nice.  Unlike many other pastel yellows, it was not overly patchy nor streaky; there were no application issues at all.  I really love it.

Aquadelic by China Glaze is a gorgeous color and formula.  It is completely opaque in 1 coat and no application issues at all.  As usual, I really love China Glaze and this is why.  if you dont own any, you should definitely pic some up.

Fuzz-Sea by Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat is a really nice take on textured polish, in that its completely different from the regular textured polish.  Instead of a sandy textured finish, its more like a confetti-type textured finish.  The color combination is really great, the finished look is really great, but there are some issues.  The biggest issue is that it take forever and a day to dry!!!!  The next issue, mush like that of applying glitters is that the application is tricky, getting it to spread evenly without glopping it on in thick coats.

Stay Polished At All Times...Lo'Rain!!