For today's mani I decided to use just orange as my base color, but 2 different finishes.  The main base color is a creme finish, Jancyn by Zoya, and for my accent nails I used a textured finish, Jynx by OPI from the Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection.  If you haven't noticed I am really loving the textured nail polish trend.

Here's what I used:
  • Base coat: Seche Recondition
  • Base color: Jancyn by Zoya
  • Accent Nail: Jynx by OPI from the Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection
  • Top coat 1: Seche Vite Top Coat - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
  • Stamp colors: Reclaim by Nubar
  • Top coat 2: Seche UV Top Coat cured under a 54 watt UV lamp for 5 minutes
  • IP: Dashica Beauty Shop - Big SdP X

Jancyn by Zoya is a pretty, bright orange creme polish that applies slight streaky.  In my opinion its just ok, nothing special and you can find the same shade of orange from a much cheaper brand.  The brush is very small, which annoys me, but the finished look is nice.  It requires 2 coats and is very fluid formula.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this polish unless you can get it on sale for much cheaper than the $8 - $9 regular price.

Jynx, by OPI is phenomenal!!!  I absolutely love this polish; the application is flawless and the formula is perfect.  It has a larger brush, which I also love.  I only used 1 coat and it is nicely opaque and has a beautiful orange and gold sparkle to the textured finish.  Unlike the Zoya Pixie Dust textured polish it doesn't take forever and a day to dry.  And that is a major plus.  I highly recommend this polish even at the full price of $8 -$9 depending upon where you buy it.  but if you are looking to buy any OPI polishes Ulta has them on sale 2 for $15 starting Sunday, June 9th through Saturday, June 29th.

And for my stamping, I used my favorite green of all time, Reclaim by Nubar, a holographic polish.  It's somewhat subtle over the orange, but I like it.

Stay Polished At All Lo'Rain