I am absolutely loving today's mani!!!  This mani is much different than my usual mani and was inspired by 3 really Great YouTube friends +Mitchareena F. (who sent me the raindrop studs), +Mz.J Brown (who's last mani was using 3D nail art) & +Estela Ramirez (who loves glitter polish).  If you have been checking out my blog you know that I have strictly stuck to just stamping nail art, but to switch things up a bit I decided to try using the raindrop studs.  As soon as I saw those in my gift mail I knew that those would be the first studs I was going to use...since my name is Lo'Rain, it just seemed fitting.  And since I have quite a bit of glitter polish, which I rarely use, I decided to try one of the Julep glitter polishes.  Sadly, I forgot to take pics of just the base colors, but you can see in my polish review video posted on my YouTube channel.

Here's what I used:
  • Base coat: Julep Nail Therapy
  • Base color: Reflection by OPI Designer Series
  • Accent color: Wisp by Sinful Shine
  • Glitter:  Camille by Julep
  • Raindrop Metal Studs (do not know the brand)
  • Top coat 1: Seche Vite Top Coat - I apply this before stamping, if I mess up I can remove the design without removing the base color
  • Stamp colors: Black Pearl by +Konad Nail 
  • Top coat 2: IBD UV Top Coat cured under a 54 watt UV lamp for 3 minutes
  • IP: Dashica Beauty Shop - Big SdP Z

I am so pleased with all 3 polishes I used I dont even know where to start, because they are all just FABULOUS!!!  I guess I will just start with the +OPI Inc  Designer Series polish.

Reflection, from the OPI Designer Series collection, is absolutely gorgeous!!!  It's a beautiful, coral red with very fine holographic glitter.  I must say, love at first stroke..lol.  The application of this polish is flawless; no streaks, no patches just perfectly opaque in just 1 coat.  I didn't think it would be so opaque, because it is a shimmery polish, but boy was I surprised (I will be going back for more from this collection...Ulta has them on sale 2 for $15 until 6/29).  I love the brush, as it is much larger than regular brushes, and the formula is the perfect consistency.  I can't say enough great things about this polish except, that you should definitely pick this one up...it's a must have.  Highly recommend, even a regular price.  I am not sure if this polish will stamp well, but I will be trying it.

Wisp, by Sinful Shine, was another surprise.  As many of you know, white polishes are always patchy, streaky and require at least 2 coats.  But Wisp...was completely opaque in just 1 coat.  Let me say that again...completely opaque in just 1 coat!!!  I am going to go get some back ups of this, because it applies perfectly and it works great for stamping.  I used Wisp to stamp with in my previous mani.  The brush isn't as big as the OPI brush, but it is bigger than normal and spreads out perfectly.  The formula is much thicker than their regular line and it does have a high gloss finish without topcoat.  For the whopping low price of $2.99 you should definitely go pick up 1 or 2.

Camille, by +Julep Maven , is a very snow globe-like holographic glitter, suspended in a milky-clear base.  I have quite a few glitters, but I just dont reach for them often, because the application and removal can be frustrating.  Again I was surprise at the application.  The formula is very thick, but the glitter applies with a really even distribution and you do not have to glop it on.  I recommend this glitter, but I am sure you can find a dupe for much cheaper...(Sinful Colors Opal Glitter & +china glaze glaze Snow Globe).

Finally, over the accent nail, Wisp & Camille, I applied the raindrop metal studs in a pattern that reminds me of how drops fall.  I really like how the studs just adds something extra to the finished look.  I didn't use any glue to apply them; I applied them while Camille was still wet, then applied Seche Vite and my IBD UV topcoat.

Stay Polished At All Times...by Lo'Rain