So, on June 14, 2013 I started a new skin care routine.  I have oily skin in the summer & combination skin in the winter and my skin has just been acting up lately. It's the beginning of summer and the oily skin is just driving me insane, as well as the acne breakouts.  I've been using Neutrogena skin care products for many, many years and of late it's just not doing the job.  So I began looking for something else to try.  I searched my local retail shops such as Walgreens, Walmart, and the like, to see what else was available.  To my surprise not many skin care lines carry products that cater to oily/combination skin and treat acne.

Oily/Acne Prone Kit, $49: (L to R)
Moisturizing Antibacterial Cleanser,
Hydrating Eye Complex,
Day Matte Perfection,
Antioxidant Perfect 10 Serum,
& Night Renewal Hydragel
So one day I went to my local Ulta, while looking for new polish to buy, I decided to ask for assistance in finding something since they have skin care specialists there.  One of the ladies there began telling me about +Exuviance Neostrata  and recommended I try the Oily/Acne prone kit once I began telling her about the skin issues I am trying to address.  The kits cost $49.00...kind of pricey, but when I think about how much I spend trying out different skin care products I end up spending that much...sometime more.  Because Neutrogena costs from $6.99/bottle and up and the moisturizers are even more expensive starting at $10.99/bottle.  This is my face and I figure if I can go out and splurge and spend $50 on a nail polish haul, why shouldn't I spend that much on products for my face?

Yvonne, the skin care specialist, also recommended that I try the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25; this product is supposed to refinish your skin and stimulate the process of cell renewal.  She saw my indecision and offered to do a demo, so I agreed.  The peel is a 2 step, 6 week process that is easily applied to the skin.  It comes on pre-moistened pads that you just wipe over your entire face, avoiding the eye area; allow it to sit for 10 minutes, then use the pad labeled step 2; which neutralizes the peel.  And I must say immediately afterward my skin looked brighter, felt smoother and softer.  But do to the $72 price tag I decided to wait on buying the peel and just purchased the oily/acne prone kit.  But I do plan to go back for the peel.

Since this kit will take about 4 weeks for me to completely use, I didn't want to wait until then to provide my thoughts.  What I thought would be ideal, would be to do another mini series of posts regarding the progress or lack there of, while using the product.  To me it just seems easier to give weekly updates while its still fresh in my mind, than to remember to take notes and give a long review at the end of 4 weeks while possibly forgetting to include crucial information.

One of the main reasons I chose to try this product is that it is created by dermatologist and they provide extensive information about the ingredients and what it targets; making it easy to determine which product to buy.  You can pick up their product booklet at your local Ulta or go to

Week 1 results:

Throughout the first week I noticed my skin was much softer and brighter.  But towards the end of the first week I started noticing several dry patches on either side of my nose (where I'm the oiliest) and mouth (where I get dry during the winter) and on my left eye where the bridge of the nose curves into the brow bone.  I dont think this was due to the product, but because I decided mid-week to use the last little bit of the Neutrogena toner that I had left.  And I would say on the 2nd day using the Neutrogena toner I noticed an uncomfortable stinging in the areas in which I now have dry patches.  I also have noticed that the dark spots on my right cheek and forehead look lighter prior to using this product.

The size of the products are fairly small but I've learned that a little bit does go a long way.  The only product I am not sure will last as long is the Antioxidant Perfect 10 Serum...its the smallest product in the kit and I use more than 1 pump.  The only downside I can see is if I truly love this product, they are on the pricey side compared to drugstore brands.  Most of their products start at $30.

Unfortunately, because I purchased this product on a whim I didn't take any before pics...although I know I have some.  I need to dig them up, and I will have them in my week 2 post.

Stay Polished At All Times...Lo'Rain