In 3rd place is... +Konad Nail!!!

I chose Konad as my 3rd favorite brand for the following reasons:

  1. Quality!
  2. Konad has single, full & french tip designs
  3. Price is reasonable
  4. Widely available from several e-tailers

The main reason I like Konad is because of the quality.  The quality is absolutely great and have had no issues with images not picking up or transferring to the nail.  Konad IPs are really great depending upon the type of designs you like to wear.  If you love floral, butterflies and animal print designs then you'll love Konad.  Or if you prefer the small single images, these IPs are perfect because that's what they mainly have.  This is part of the reason I stopped using Konad...I prefer the full nail images over the single small images.  I ended up with so many of their IPs because they would have 1 - 3 images/IP that I really loved and I was really into the french tip design when I first started stamping.  So I made sure to get every IP that had french tip and full nail designs.

Unfortunately, Konad images are not unique at all in many ways.  So many brands have duplicated their entire set its ridiculous.  But the only thing about some of the other brands is the quality isn't as great.  Also the designs are all very similar.  I looked through my stash and found that out of 75+ IPs there are 165 floral images, over 22 butterflies and only 8 full nail designs.

The last issue I have with their plates are the size of the actual full nail images.  If you have long or wide nails, these are probably not for you.  At least not the older images.  The last several plates they released are actually larger images; numbers 89-97 and 6 of the 9 IPs are all full nail designs.  And they are more abstract designs as opposed to their normal butterflies and flowers.

One thing that makes Konad stand out from the rest of the brands, is that Konad offers a variety of complete stamping kits.  Meaning the kits come with everything you in to start stamping immediately.  And all of their materials are quality made.  Their kits range from $15 - $200+ depending upon which kit you buy.  Most other brands you have to buy the IPs, the stamper/scrapers and the polish separately.

Konad offers 2 line of IPs:

  1. The main line of IPs are round, standard sized metal discs, with a backing.  Each IP has 7 images, unless it has more full nail images; those will have 5 images/IP.  they contain animals, flowers, hearts, butterflies, animal print and abstract designs.  The price/ IP varies depending upon where you buy them but are usually between $5 - $8.  Also, different countries have different IPs and different color stamping polishes available.  The IP are numbered M1 - M97.
  2. The special line are also round, standard sized metal discs, with a backing.  Also has approximately 7 images/IP.  The only difference is, these are themed IPs, only 10 in the line and are numbered S1 - S10.
What I own:

  1. Main Line: 2, 4-9, 15-22, 24-29, 32, 35-38, 40-41, 44-47, 50-51, 52-54, 56-57, 59-85, 87-95
  2. Special Line: S2, S6,S9, S10

Main Line
Special Line