Julep has recently released a new product called Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit which retails for $28 or $22.40 (if yo're a maven).  I wanted to try this because I have been using glitter more and wanted to find an easy way to remove it.

Here are whats included as well as their instructions & claims:

  • 10 reusable finger caps (2 of which are larger to accommodate your thumbs)
  • 5 packets of remover wipe pads (each packet contains 10 wipes)
Their instructions:

  • Open packet & place one aloe vera-infused pad on nail
  • Cover with nail cap. (Use large caps for thumbs.)
  • Once nails are covered, sit back & relax for 3-5 minutes
  • Squeeze & pull to remove cap & pad. Use pad to wipe off any leftover glitter (they also claim this kit works for removing gel manis)

    • I followed the instructions provided above, since I was removing a chunkier glitter (Monet by Zoya - applied 1 coat, but the formula is kind of thick) I decided to leave it on initially for 5 minutes (which I timed on my phone).  After 5 minutes I checked the first nail I applied, while some of the regular base polish and base coat were removed pretty much all the glitter remained.  I reapplied and left on for another 2 minutes and after that the glitter still did not come off.  So I applied fresh nail remover wipes on the 2 nails that I had glitter on, and left it on for an additional 3 three minutes.

      After soaking for a total of 10 minutes and using 4 remover pads, only a small amount of glitter remained but I had to vigorously scrub the remaining glitter off.  And in the process of scrubbing I ended up with glitter everywhere!!!

      I do plan to use this kit again the next time I apply glitter.  I will apply a finer glitter to see if it will actually remove within 5 minutes.

      Check out my video below to see my demonstration.

      Stay Polished at All Times!!!