Hi everyone, I bought some new polishes and I wanted to share some video swatches of them.  The polishes I am swatching are from the June 2014 +Julep Maven  It Girl box and from my May 2014 +Nail Art Society Kit.

Polishes Swatched:
Phia - pinky finger (left hand)
Savoy - ring finger
Jannine - middle finger
Bergen - index finger
Surfer Boyz N Berry - pinky finger (right hand)

I was pleased with all of them but Bergen was my favorite, application-wise and only  needs 1 coat. Jannine is just gorgeous and textured...with and without topcoat.  Phia, Savoy and Jannine have very thick formulas, so be very careful how much you get on the brush...it can get real messy real fast.

Surfer Boyz N Berry by Jessica is a very thin and fluid formula, that needs two coats.  The first coat is patchy, but completely resolved on the second coat, but I love the color.

Polished at All Times...by Lo'Rain