Hello everyone!!!  It's time for the next weekly tip and this topic is one that is very near and dear to my heart...so much so that I am a self professed ADDICT!!

Since I began stamping and decided to write a blog and do YouTube videos about stamping I get a lot of questions about all aspects of stamping.  So I decided to start from the beginning and that's how to pick the right stamper.  There 3 main things that I think you need to consider when choosing a stamper:

  1. Nail curvature
  2. Nail bed width
  3. Nail bed length

Keeping those 3 things in mind will help save you a lot of frustration and money.  The wrong stamper will totally make you want to give up on stamping...especially if you are new to stamping.

Nail Curvature
Nail curvature is the main thing at least for me, because my nail beds are very curved, which means the "stiffer" stampers just will not work well for me.  It works, but it take a lot of unnecessary effort to achieve a flawless design.  If your nail beds are highly curved, just find a squishy or Marshmallow stamper.  It will give you amazing results and make stamping so easy and effortless.  The marshmallow stampers allow you to employ the press straight down or the roll method when applying the design to your nails.  The benefit of the marshmallow stamper is that it hugs the curves of the nails.  To those of you with flat nail beds (I'm envious) because you actually do not have to worry about this at all as you can use a stiff, squishy, marshmallow or every stamper in between.

Nail Bed Width
If you are again like me and also have wide nail beds, I recommend the squishy and/or marshmallow stamper.  The benefit of a squishy stamper is that when employing the roll method to apply your design, the stamper will stretch the image for you!!  Yes, you read that correctly...it will stretch the image across the width of you nail bed, edge to edge.  Another reason why I love my stampers extra squishy.  If you have flat nail beds, you can still get away with using a stiff stamper, just as long as you choose one that is wide enough; which most stampers, width is rarely an issue.  Unless you are using an image plate with small images like Konad, Red Angel or the original Bundle Monster, then a squishier stamper is best.  The Creative Shop stamper is a great option because the stamper is huge, not super squishy, but squishy enough.

Nail Bed Width
Just like with having wide nails, the squishier the stamper the better when you have long nails.  Many image plates just do not have images that are long enough (especially if you wear enhancements), and to eliminate the need to utterly frustrate yourself trying to double stamp...again a squishy stamper, because it will stretch the image lengthwise.

So, if you have small, short and flat nail beds you can you any type and size of stamper (super jealous). But if you are like me and have long, wide and severely curved nails find the largest and squishiest stamper possible.  You will get the best results!!!  And it will just make stamping a breeze...which is why we nail stamp, to get beautifully designed without the frustration of trying to hand painted the design and have the design look consistently the same across all nails.

Here's a list of the stampers I have in order my favorite to least favorite, unfortunately I cannot tell you where all of them are from as some were sent to me.
  1. Marshmallow stampers - round and rectangular; conforms to the shape of your nails if curved; great for long and wide nails as it will stretch the image for you; can use press down or rolling method.
  2. Creative shop - semi-squishy; extra large -  great for long and wide nails; clear - can easily white polish or any color.; can use press down or rolling method.
  3. Chez Delaney - minimal squish; large stamper -  good for long & wide nails (rolling method a must); ok for curved nail beds.
  4. Cici & Sisi - squishy; but stamper is small; great for small curved nail beds; can use rolling or press down method.
  5. Konad - stiff; small stamper; only recommend for flat, small, short nails.
L-R: Konad; Chez Delaney; Young Nails; Creative Shop; Last 2 Brand Unknown

If you would like to watch my video version of this tip, it is below.  In the video I demonstrate or provide a visual reference on how the level of squishiness makes a difference.

Polished at All Times...by Lo'Rain