Hello everyone!!
I'm starting a new weekly series of posts, week night tip off.  I've have learned a great deal of information in nail school and I feel this information is important to share with everyone. My tips will range from, mani & pedi products, procedures & implements to use or not use; things to be mindful of when going to a salon; and don't waste your money products because they just are not going to do what they claim. 
The first tip I want to share is about proper disinfection procedures, specifically in salons.  This details practices I have seen & had done to me that I wish I had known about. 

Check out my video below about salon practices that you need to look out for because they may be violating the rules and may be harmful to you.  I also provide tips on how to properly sanitize & disinfect your own implements at home. 

Stay Polished at All Times...by Lo'Rain