Hello everyone...time for the next Week Night Tip Off!!

So today's tip is to not waste your money on products that will never truly do what they claim due to the genetic makeup of your nails.

What product am I referring to...nail thickeners!!!  Nail thickeners will never ever, ever make your nails grow thicker than what they currently grow.  The thickness of you nails are genetic, more specifically based upon the structure of the nail matrix; which is the area located behind the eponychium or the area commonly confused with the cuticle.

Image from TammyTaylornails.com

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but I thought it was important to share this information, so you don't continue wasting your money on products that will only give the appearance of "thickness"...until you remove the product and then you're left with the same ole nails you started with.  The appearance of thickness is achieved by simply by applying a new coat of the "thickener" daily and then at the end of the week you remove it and start all over again.

Want to know how you can achieve the same "thicker" look you can try any of the following:

  • apply a layer of your favorite top coat daily
  • apply a layer of your favorite base coat daily
  • Gelous is a really great, and thick top coat - you can find this at Sally Beauty Supply (it's in a clear bottle with a green cap) and it is inexpensive
  • you can also just buy a cheap top/base coat and use that daily if you do not want to use up your favorites.
  • Gel hybrid polishes are generally thicker formulas and will help you achieve this look without having to layer on polish daily
There is no need to pay $10 or more for a product that will not make your nails grow thicker.  Use the products you already have to achieve the exact same look.

For additional information  or if you just prefer to watch a video, check out my video below.  If you really want your nails to "appear" thicker, try some of the low cost alternatives discussed in my video and listed above.

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Stay Polished at All times...by Lo'Rain