Hello Everyone!!
I am starting another new series on my YouTube channel; Live Q&A sessions.  I would like become more interactive with my subbies and followers, and I thought this would be a great way to do so.  I will be using Google Hangouts On Air to broadcast live.

Google Hangouts On Air with Q&A allows you to submit questions in advance, as well as during the broadcast.  You can preview all the questions submitted, and +1 the question or questions you really want to be answered.  As I select questions to answer, it creates a timestamp, so you can navigate to that particular question after the broadcast has ended and is posted to my channel.  As I answer questions, they get moved to the "answered questions" section.

Once the broadcast has ended it will be posted on my YouTube channel where you will be able to see the answered questions and by clicking on the question it will take you to that section of the video where that specific question was answered.

If you are interested in participating, I have set up a poll on my blog to determine the best time to do the live Q&A (see the poll widget on the top right).  The day and time with the most votes will be my broadcast.  I may switch it up, and switch between the top two voted day/time slots.

I will also be broadcasting live on Periscope; I can be found via my Twitter handle @LoRainDrais
Periscope is very similar to google HOA, except when comments are submitted they only display for several second and then disappear.  There is no log of the questions for me to refer to, so once the question disappears from the screen, its gone.  The video will also only remain available fro replay for 24 hours after the broadcast.  Also you have to view the broadcast from the app in order to comment...if you watch online, you can only access a live broadcast from a link but you will not be able to comment.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Polished At Times...by Lo'Rain!!!