I have been eyeing The Painted Nail Steam Off Gel Removal system for quite a while and I finally got my hands on it!!  Now, I do not wear gel polish very much, but the main reason is because of the removal process.  I am just too impatient and I do not want to damage my nails during the removal process.  I generally wear gel polish when I go on vacation, because who wants to lug around nail polish and nail accessories and spend time redoing your nails?  Not me!! (Although I have done this before).

I was so excited when this product came out, most importantly because all you have to do is stick your hands inside and wait for the machine to work it's magic.  After fawning over it for what seems like a year, The Painted Nail had a double deal promotion running back in November or December of 2015, where you got 2 steam off machines and 2 full size bottles (16 oz) of scented acetone for $140.  Normally the price of 1 machine is $99...so I just had to take advantage of this deal.  As of this posting it is on sale for $89.

What The Painted Nail Gel Steam Off Removal Kit includes and claims:

 What you get with the duo deal:

    • 2 steam off machines
    • 2 16 oz bottles of vitamin infused, scented acetone (acetone was shipped in a separate package)
    • 2 power chords

"The Steam-Off Gel Removal Kit comes with a Steam-Off unit and 16 oz. Pro Size vitamin infused Removal Liquid. The unit is capable of steaming off most Polishes, Lacquers and Soak-Off Gel Polishes. Times vary by brand and thickness. Simply pour a small capful of the Removal Liquid in the cup inside the unit and turn on. The unit will heat up and beep when ready for your fingertips to be placed in. Rest your hand on top of the unit and let the steam do its work. Polishes and One-Step Soak Off Gels remove in 5 mins or less (it beeps 2x) and most traditional 3 Step Soak Off Gels remove in 10 mins or less (one long beep). If you are having trouble steaming off your Soak Off Gel polish, Steam for another cycle until the gel literally falls off your fingertips. That way you are not scraping, buffing or destroying your nails and surrounding skin. This truly will have you saying "I will never Soak Again!" and your nails will Thank You :)"

My thoughts: 

I think this is an amazingly innovative product that shows that companies are really focusing on the aspect of nail care and not just beauty.  We all want products that will last long on our nails, products that are instantly dry so you can immediately go about your busy day, but not at the cost of damaging our nails.


  • The unit is very easy to use and has pretty straight forward instructions
  • Lightweight...can  be easily transported
  • Only need to use 5 ml of acetone per use (you will not run through the product quickly)
  • Cleaning the unit is very easy; just wipe out the silicone cup that holds the acetone. As well as the inside of the unit and the lid where you insert your fingers
  • You can also use the unit to perform a warm lotion/oil mani.  After 10 minutes the unit switches to the "warm" cycle
  • With CND Shellac it took about 15 minutes, no scraping, the gel just flaked off.
    • Applied base gel, 2 coats of Shellac color gel, 1 coat of CND Brisa Lite top gel
  • There was no damage to my nails
  • Great if you just like to apply regular polish and top it with a gel top coat. 
    • The gel top coat flakes off in 5 minutes or less
  • Liquifies regular polish in minutes and you can just wipe right off
  • Amazingly removes glitter polish (another reason I wanted this)
  • Also quickly removes that mylar/iridescent paper
  • The acetone is vitamin infused (to reduce the damage and drying of acetone)


  • The instructions do not explain that the "W" indicator light is for the warming mode
  • The lid has a notch to lock it in place while in use; my unit does not lock in place on one unit.  I have not tested both units
  • After 10 minutes, to soak again you have to turn off the unit and turn it back on to restart the soaking cycle (not a big deal though)
  • Depending upon how you position your hands while inside the unit, the thumb and pinkie may need additional time (but I have gripping issues with my hands)
  • Customer Service!!!! Sadly, while not related to the actual use of the machine, it is vital. Customer service is horrible and pretty much non-existent.  This was also a reason it took so long for me to actually place my order.  I saw a review on YouTube and the reviewer indicated that if you are a licensed nail tech or cosmetologist you get discounted pricing.  To verify this for myself I decided to ask on their Facebook page.  I sent a direct message, no one ever responded.  I looked through the comments on their wall and someone else had asked my question, and was instructed to send an email to a specific email address, with a specific subject.  So, I did exactly as instructed; I sent 3 separate emails and never received a response. I sent them a message on Twitter, no response.  I asked the question on one of their Periscope broadcasts, my question wasn't acknowledged.  But I placed an order once I saw the double deal.  Once you place your order, you get access to an "order status" page.  That page was NEVER, EVER updated until 2 weeks after I received my product.  The order status page, only indicated that my order was received and that they were working on processing my order.  After 1 week of getting no updates about my order, I went back to the order status page, which provides an email address for you to contact if you have questions about your order.  I did as instructed; sent at least 2 emails that went unanswered.  I went back to their Facebook page, I saw that I was not the only person having this same issue.  I left a comment on their wall, I finally got a response, and was given yet another email address to contact and within an hour or so, I finally received a tracking number.  I'm pretty sure my package was over-nighted, as there was no tracking history when i checked...it just magically appeared in Ohio.

My Recommendation:

The product is definitely worth buying!!  Especially if you just prefer to wear gel polish due to its longevity.  This is is definitely what you need to eliminate damaging your nails due to the typical gel removal process.  The pro's of this machine outweigh the cons, but I warn you about their customer service or should I say the lack thereof.

What do you think of this product?  Is it something you would purchase if you wear gels?

Here's my demo video: