When I think of Spring, I see flowers in pastel shades...and that's exactly what I decided to do for my nail art.  Although this week I am finally making a nail decal using my +Bundle Monster Lotus Mat.

So let's get to it.  Here's what I used:

  1. Base coat: Naked Base by +Zoya Nail Polish  and Rejuvacote by Duri
  2. Base Color 1: Genesis by Zoya
  3. Base Color 2: Lulu by +Zoya Nail Polish 
  4. Top Coat 1: Miracote by Duri
  5. Stamping Polish 1: Pure white (#806) by +PUEEN 
  6. Stamping Polish 2: Hathaway Gold (#609) by +PUEEN
  7. Stamping Plate: +Shirley DashicaBeauty Big SdP M
  8. Top Coat 2: Miracote by Duri
  9. Stamper: Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper & Unknown Marshmallow stamper (sorry)
  10. Lint Roller to clean stamper head
  11. Acetone to clean off plate & scraper
  12. Poli-Peel by +Bundle Monster 
  13. Lotus Mat by Bundle Monster
  14. Clean up brush
  15. Sheer polish for the decal
    1. I'm Never Ambarrassed by OPI Sheer tints
    2. Be Magentile With Me by OPI Sheer Tints
    3. Vitamin D-Light by Sally Hansen Sheer Tints
    4. Iced Tint by by Sally Hansen Sheer Tints
    5. Grape Jelly by by Sally Hansen Sheer Tints
    6. Sea Through by Sally Hansen Sheer Tints

I Picked a floral design that was just outlines because I was making a decal and solid florals patterns would not really work for the watercolor type look I am going for.

Here are the steps for creating the design:

  1. apply base coat
  2. apply base colors, with at least 1 accent nail in white
  3. apply top coat before stamping
  4. apply Poli-Peel (or other liquid latex type of product for easy clean up)
  5. stamp the floral pattern on all nails except the middle finger
  6. stamp the same floral pattern onto the lotus mat
  7. use the sheer tint polishes to fill in the flowers
  8. once dry, apply top coat on top over the filled in stamped image, let dry
  9. when decal is dry, apply top coat to your middle finger, then apply the decal onto the wet nail
  10. press gently, and use polish remover and a clean up brush to remove any excess decal (or trim it down to size before applying to nail)

Pictorial Steps:

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Want to see how I did this design?  Check out my YouTube video below: