This year I decided to do nail art stamping that is inspired by St. Patrick's Day instead of a true St. Patrick's Day themed mani.  What I mean by that is, no four leaf clovers or leprechaun's on my nails.  I decided to use a green and gold polish to kind of represent the pot of gold.

So let's get to it.  Here's what I used:

  • Base coat: Rejuvacote by Duri
  • Base Color 1: Payton by +Julep Maven 
  • Base Color 2: Ziv by +Zoya Nail Polish 
  • Top Coat 1: Miracote by Duri
  • Stamping Polish 1: Amazon Moss (#815) by +PUEEN 
  • Stamping Polish 2: Hathaway Gold (#609) by +PUEEN
  • Stamping Plate: Apipila Placa A
  • Top Coat 2: Miracote by Duri
  • Stamper: Unknown Marshmallow stamper (sorry)
  • Lint Roller to clean stamper head
  • Acetone to clean off plate & scraper
  • Poli-Peel by +Bundle Monster 
I wanted clean and simple design, so I chose to use dots in 3 different sizes; with the largest dots on the middle fingers and gradually smaller dots going to the pinkies & thumbs.

Here are the steps for creating the design:

  1. apply base coat
  2. apply base colors
  3. apply top coat before stamping
  4. apply Poli-Peel (or other liquid latex type of product for easy clean up)
  5. stamp the largest dots (middle finger)
  6. stamp the 2nd largest dots (index & ring fingers)
  7. stamp the smallest dots (pinkie & thumb)
  8. apply final layer of top coat
Pictorial Steps:

Want to see the polish review & NOTD in action?
Polish Review:


What are you rocking on your nails for St. Patrick's Day? Share your "nailfies" with me at the Polished At All Times Google+ community. Or use the hashtag #PolishedAtAllTimes