Today's polishes are for my St. Patrick's Day nail design, so I chose green and gold.  I did a very simple, non-traditional design...inspired by a pot of gold.

Here's a review of the polishes that I used:

Payton by Julep:  

Formula: First and foremost, the formula is not the greatest.  It is very thick, bordering gloopy, and somewhat difficult to apply even  and thin layers.  The formula reminds me of a "crelly" (cream + jelly).  Dries slowly.

Opacity: You definitely will need 2 coats of polish to reach full opacity.  The first coat is sheer, more opaque than a jelly, but not as opaque as a cream. 

Brush: Not too pleased with the brush, it was kind of wonky...meaning it did not fan out.  Which made it difficult to get clean lines as the base of the nail.

Finish: It has a very glossy finish, like candy which is also why it reminds me of a jelly. And with 2 coats, the color is absolutely gorgeous!  The perfect, fresh, grass green color.

Recommendation:  Do not buy it.  You can definitely find the same shade from another brand, that has a much better formula and brush.

Ziv by Zoya:
Formula: Perfect formula!!! Applies like butter, and can easily paint on even, thin coats without hardly any mess.  And it dries super fast.

Opacity: You can totally get away with 1 coat.

Brush: Also fans out just right. Which allows you to get clean and crisp lines at the base of the nail.

Finish: You definitely need a top coat as it is not very glossy.  It also has the appearance of being slightly textured, but it doesn't actually feel textured.  It is a beautiful champagne gold.

Recommendation:  It's a must have if you love the champagne gold shade!

What polish colors are you wearing for St. Patrick's Day?

Do you have any suggestions for dupes of the green polish that has a great formula?  If so, share them below.

Stay Polished at All Times!!!

1 coat
2 coats, no top coat

2 coats, with top coat
If you would like to see the polish actually applied, check out my polish review video from my YouTube channel: