Elite Deals is a program that allows you to purchase, at extremely low prices,  a varied selection of items mainly via Amazon.com.  The products range from skin care, hair care, electronics, kitchen tools, fitness tools, cell phone accessories and so much more.  All they ask is that you review the product in return for getting products at minimal cost.

If you are interested, here is my invite link to join (you must be referred):  elitedealclub.com/?invcode=RscHMsQA

The prices of the items range from free (yes, free!!) to maybe $10+ depending upon the item.  I love this program because it gives me the chance to try a product, especially the skin and hair care products, that I have been wanting to try but haven't because I do not want to pay the regular price for a product that I have no idea if it will work for me or not.

The products are full size, meaning your getting enough to actually use it enough times to know if you like it or if it works, unlike the sample sizes provided in many of the subscription boxes.

How it works:

  • Once you sign up, you will receive daily emails letting you know what items will be available and when.
  • There are three different times for which you can get items, 10 am, 2 pm and now 8 pm.  I highly recommend thoroughly reviewing the email to see if there are any items you want, as some products sell out really fast.  Pick a couple items from each time slot in case you are not able to get your first choice.
  • to get the item click the "click to view and purchase!" button under the item.  It will open a new window with the product details.  Once there click the "get coupon" button, if there are no more coupon codes available, the "get coupon" button will not be displayed and there will be a message stating it is sold out for the day.  If available, click to get the code, the coupon code will replace the button, copy the code, then click "check out the product" and it will take you to the product directly in amazon.  Add it to your cart, go to  checkout and paste the code into the promo code box.
  • Only click the get coupon button if you are going to purchase the item, because you are only allowed to purchase 1 item during each window.
  • If you have Amazon Prime you automatically get free 2 day shipping.

Also, make sure you scroll to the bottom to see which of the items below I'm giving away!!

Here are the direct links of some of the products I have ordered; most of them are skin care products: