For several years my skin has been plagued with ugly dark spots from acne. After trying what seems like tons of products I have finally found a few products that actually work.  And they work fast!!

I have oily/acne prone skin and I was drinking a ton of soda pop and pretty much no water.  Yes, I know...horrible.  But as I began to exercise regularly I knew that was the first thing I had to address.  So I began drinking water daily; my goal is 30 oz per day.  I know it's not the recommended amount, but hey, it's a start.  Once I began drinking water daily, I began to notice fewer acne breakouts.  And eventually, pretty much no breakouts, except for the occasional "monthly hormonal" breakouts.

Once I got my acne under control, I began using the following products to address the dark spots that remained and the overall condition of my skin.  None of the products mentioned below has caused any acne breakouts.  I did have a facial while I was on my cruise back in April and she discussed and the types of products I should use for my skin type.  A couple of the items I mention below and purchased were due to her recommendations.

Vitamin C serum: this gets rid of the dark spots and evened out my skin.  Additional benefits include, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle,  and repairs dark circles.

PH balancing Toner: this also helps even out skin tone, but using a ph balancing toner also addressed the overproduction of oil.  Alcohol based toners strips the skin of its natural oils, which causes your skin to produce even more oil.  I had a facial on my last cruise and the esthetician explained this to me.  The Elemis lavender toner is what was recommended to me by the esthetician on the cruise.  I purchased it and it really works also.

Oil-based moisturizer (I apply this every other night): provides necessary moisture and because it's an oil, it's more like the  natural oil (sebum) that your skin already produces.  It helps to prevent your skin from overproducing it's natural oils.  Especially when your skin is stripped of its natural oils by using alcohol-based toners.  This is a lightweight oil-based serum.  I have not noticed an increase in oil production since I started using this product.

Are there any products you have been using that have improved the condition of your skin?  If so, share them below.

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