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$3.32 1 Sheet Lace 3D Nail Art Stickers Black White Lace Flower Feather Nail Stickers - 6 Patternscom

This nail design is fairly simple because I really, really LOVE the nail polish I used and I didn't want the design to overpower the polish.  I wanted something simple, but pretty...and lace is what came to mind.

This tutorial will be very's what to do:

  1. Size you stickers to your nail.  I would suggest cutting it slightly longer than what you measured as you have to consider extra length for curved nails.
  2. Cut the nail stickers to size.  I used a paper cutter, but any pair of sharp scissors will do.
  3. Remove from backing
  4. Place on nail.  Stretch a little to prevent wrinkles/bubbles.  This will cause lifting.
  5. Once place remove any access.  You can use a fine grit file/buffer or a clean up brush with polish remover.  Acetone will work the best.
  6. Apply a good top coat and you're done.

  • If you have curved nail beds do not attempt to apply sticker over the entire will wrinkle and bubble.
  • For curved nails, it's best to cut and apply smaller pieces.
  • For full nail design on curved nails, you will need to make small cuts on the left and right sides of the sticker to lay flush against the nail.  But the cuts may be visible depending on how curved your nails are.
  • The sticker have some stretch to it, so hold the sticker in place with one finger and lightly stretch  as you lay it over the nail to prevent wrinkles.

Recommendation: These are definitely worth buying as they are easy to use, and will quickly spruce up any plain nail look.  They are great if you are in a hurry, because all you need to do is place them, and then apply top coat.  They are available in other colors and styles and are inexpensive.

Would you try lace nail stickers?  Comment below!

Wanna see me apply them?  Check out my video below: