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$3.59 1 Bottle 6ml BornPretty 3 Colors Thermal Nail Polish Temperature Color Changing Polish Black Fridaycom

I have not tried but a couple thermal polishes, but I am totally loving them!  Especially this one from BornPrettyStore.comHere's the scoop. 

When Cold
Thermal Effect:  When warm the color is a stunning pale lavender with a hint of grey.  When cold it is a deep magenta-like totally makes me think of grape jelly.

Formula: OMG!! This formula is absolutely  flawless. It applies like butter with hardly any mess.  The formula is the perfect consistency and very much like that of a jelly.  Which was actually perfect for this polish.

Brush: Surprisingly the brush is really great, delivering amazingly clean lines at he base of the nail.  I was surprised because the brush is long and thin, which typically means trouble.  The bristles are really soft which allows it to fan out easily.

When Warm
Opacity:  I would have to say the opacity level is about a 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5).  Which is typical of polishes with a jelly formula. It appears more opaque in its warm state than in its cold state.  When cold you can clearly see your smile line, but again, that's typical of jelly polishes.

Finish:   It's not the glossiest finish on it own, but glossy enough; but once you apply top coat it looks amazing!

Recommendation:  I definitely think everyone should own at least one thermal polish and this is one you should try.  BornPrettyStore has other colors available if purple is not your color.  I just love the idea of 2 polish looks in 1 bottle and when you add nail art you won't be able to stop checking out your own nails.


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Wanna see how this polish applies?  Check out the polish application video below: