Hi everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been M.I.A. these past several weeks.  I was doing well for a while, but life has just caught up with me.  So here's what has been going on.

I have just been extremely exhausted lately due to working 2 jobs, dealing with major stress from my main job and trying to record videos and write up blog posts.  And to make things worse I keep getting sick on top of everything else!  But I am determined to get back to posting on a consistent basis.

Between my 2 jobs I work about 60 hours per week, while for some people that may be normal, but for me it is a lot.  I am used to working 40 hours per week.  The additional 20 hours per week are highly impactful because I battle with chronic illness.  I have an autoimmune-neuromuscular disorder called Myasthenia Gravis which causes grave muscle weakness.  Performing manis and pedis (especially pedis) are very physically taxing.  And most Saturday's I will perform 7 - 10 services, usually 10 and most of them are pedis.

The main issue I am struggling with is that I don't think I am getting enough rest, which is probably why I keep getting sick.  And why my muscle weakness has been worsening.  All of this has contributed to the lack of videos and blog posts as I have been too tired to do anything...and that includes doing my own nails as they have been naked for 3 weeks!!  (I know crazy, right)

So, right now I am thinking I need to listen to my body and reduce my hours at the salon.  It is highly frustrating when you find something you love, but you have physical limitations!!  But no matter the end result, I am so proud of myself for going after my dream!

I have been considering a new series...life with chronic illness, but I am not sure if it's something you may find of interest.  I was thinking it would just be monthly posts, but again still unsure.  It would include information about my condition, what are some things I struggle with physically and emotionally, and how I keep pushing forward.

Please comment below if you would be interested in monthly posts about life with chronic illness.

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