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So, I have really been focusing on wellness lately.  And I have found that using aroma diffusers with essential oils have been extremely helpful for me.  I have been utterly surprised at how much of a difference using an aroma diffuser helped with reducing my stress level at work!  (trust me there are days where I think...my mouth is about to get me fired or in jail!!)  Has truly bee helping me find balance.

I love diffusers so much that I need one in every room at home and my office at work.

The first diffuser I will be reviewing is the Ultrasound Atomization Humidifier & Diffuser with Fan & Night Light Attachment.

I have been strictly using this diffuser in my bedroom at night before bed.  I put several drops of lavender essential oil from Jade Bloom.  Lavender has a very pleasant scent and is great for calm and relaxation.  I have noticed since using the diffuser I fall asleep much easier and stay asleep longer.  I am asleep well before it reaches the auto-shutoff time.  This diffuser is great for larger areas/rooms as the mist is more powerful than others diffusers I have tried.

Pros: Cons:

  • Easy assembly
  • Clear operating instructions
  • Large water capacity 450 ml
  • Continuous mist
  • Ample mist
  • Fan attachment to disperse mist
  • Fan is pretty quiet
  • Night light attachment
  • Rotates through 7 LED colors
  • Stopper to prevent spills
  • Quiet operation
  • Can operate with or without lights
  • Auto-shut off after 3 hours

  • Fan can only be used when LED light is on
  • Night light can only be used when LED light is on
  • Only setting for LED lights is rotating through all 7 colors...cannot set to just one color
  • Auto-shut off after 3 hours


I give this product a 4 out 5!  If it had a bit more functionality it would definitely be a 5.  I definitely recommend this product, especially if you are just looking for a basic diffuser.  Although, this is the only one I have found with the oh so handy and useful fan attachment!!

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Here's the demo: