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I am always searching for the next best thing that will make stamping easier...specifically the clean up.  I was so excited when I saw these Latex-Free Cuticle Protecting Adhesive U-Shape Nail Tapes at +BornPretty Store Nail Art .  You have probably noticed in my videos using the liquid latex products, that I always end up getting the liquid latex stuck together.  And once that happens, it starts to peel off one or both of the fingers, which means you will end up having to do some extra cleanup.  This is why I was so excited when I saw these.


  1. Latex- free
  2. Super easy to apply
  3. Super stretchy - will fit any finger size
  4. Can easily be repositioned
  5. Allows you to get super close to the cuticle & side walls of nail
  6. Virtually NO cleanup
  7. Can be reused multiple times (I was able to use 1 sticker on 4 different fingers)
  8. 5 different colors options


  1. You only get 10/pack


These are a must have for everyone.  Whether you just want to eliminate nail polish cleanup or nail art and stamping cleanup, these will do the trick.  I recommend you stock up, I know I am going to.

I will be doing a follow up review on this product, because I NEED to see how well it works for different nail art techniques (such as: negative space, half nail with multi-colors and diagonals).   

What is your favorite cleanup tool?  Comment, Like & Share!

Here's my demo video: