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I have been dying to do layered stamping again, but with a traditional stamper it is just a pain.  And not worth the headache, frustration nor the time wasted when you have to redo one or more nails because the alignment is super off.  Been there...done it!  😠

But now with the creation of the clear stampers, layering is pretty much a breeze, seriously!  I used the BornPrettyStore Nail Art XL Clear Jelly Stamper.

Again, this mani is very simple but I like to give it a little more interest by switching up the accent nails  and the accent nail colors.

Let's get to it:

  1. Apply base coat
    1. Duri Rejuvicote
    2. Julep Oxygen Smoothing base coat
  2. Apply base color (Liv by +Zoya Nail Polish )
  3. Apply top coat (Seche Vive by Seche)
    1. This step is optional, but I find that if you apply top coat before stamping and you mess up, you can remove the stamping design without messing up the base color.
  4. Allow to completely dry
  5. Stamping Plate: +Young Nails Plate #6 (leopard print)
  6. To make clean up easy, I used Nail Protector Stickers from +BornPretty Store Nail Art 
    1. I will have a separate product review post of this product.
  7. Apply the first layer of the stamping design to the middle finger (Black Jack by +PUEEN)
  8. Apply second layer of the stamping design to the middle finger (Rocking Metallic by +PUEEN)
    1. You want to offset the second layer so you can still see the first layer...it will appear as if it has a shadow.
  9. Repeat steps 5 & 6 on the other hand
  10. On the left hand: stamp the same design again in black on the pinkie finger
  11. On the right hand: stamp the same design on the ring finger in the gold
  12. Apply another coat of top coat to the stamped nails.
Here's the finished look:

Have you tried layering yet? If so, tag me or post in the Polished at All Times Google+ community.

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Here's the video: