Hello Everyone!

As I have been working on improving my blog, one of the areas of focus for me was improving my photographs.  I have been searching for something that will help me share better quality photos.  Lighting has been  a major issue for me as well as providing clean clutter-free pics.  When I came across this portable, professional studio light box, I thought this would be extremely helpful.  As it helps address my two main issues, lighting and background.

  • Easy assembly
  • Portable (includes carrying case)
  • Great Lighting!
  • Light intensity can be adjusted
  • You can easily reposition the covering to customize openings
  • 4 Easily changeable backdrops
  • Can be used without light diffuser

  • Does not include operating instructions
  • With the light diffuser installed, cannot take pics from above
  • Positioning the lights on the side (so you can photograph from above) creates a visible light lines
  • If it's not set up as intended you need to find alternative ways to use the included back drops
  • Have to disassemble and reassemble if you wish to transport
  • If used without diffuser some glare
  • Bulky: 16''x16''x16''; may not be best for small spaces


I give this product a 3 out of 5 because my reasons for looking into this product were met, better lighting and clutter-free background for my photos...specifically nail photos.  I could not give this product a 5 due to the cons listed above.  Also due to the fact that in order for me to use this, I had to reposition the covering so the openings that are intended for the top are now on the side.  Allowing me to slide my hand into the larger opening and take the photo from the front.  Which works great for me.

If you are someone that takes a great deal of flatlays, I would maybe consider looking into another product.  While you can achieve flatlays (if you remove the light diffuser), you may also find it frustrating to find the right set up if you don't remove the light diffuser.  Especially if you prefer taking flatlays from directly above.  With a tripod that has a pivoting mount, you can take flatlays from various angles from the front opening.  But if you choose to not use the light diffuser, you can shoot from above, but there will be a slight glare.

Even with the many cons, I actually like this product because I solely intend to use this at home and do not need to vary how I take photos.  And as previously stated, it meets my needs.

If you really need portability, and/or ability to shoot from above here are a few other options.

  • All are extremely portable and fold flat and doesn't require disassembly! 
  • The first 2 are highly ideal as the unit material is a light diffuser
  • The 2nd & 4th are great because they easily allow for shooting from above
  • The 4th allows for shooting larger items

Here's the assembly video: