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Hello everyone!!!

Nail art stamping is all the rage these days, but if you don't have the right tools...specifically the right stamper, you will hate it!!!  I have tried so many different stampers over the past few years and there has only been one that I call my "ride or die" stamper.  That is, until I received the XL clear marshmallow stamper from  I have not used my "ride or die" stamper since I got it.

Before I get into why I love this stamper, I must mention that while it is described as a "marshmallow" stamper, I disagree.  It is very squishy, but just not as squishy as a true marshmallow stamper, but it still works just as well!

What makes this stamper great??

  1. It is completely clear - 
    1. This makes it great for newbies because alignment is the biggest struggle when it comes to stamping.
    2. And for those seasoned stamping vets, it allows us to get more creative in terms of layering, because you can see exactly where to place the image.  Which allows for practically perfect alignment.
  2. It is squishy
    1. The squishiness allows the stamper to hug the nail so that the design meets every edge of the nail...this is especially difficult if you have curved nails and your using a stiff stamper.
  3. Absolutely no priming necessary!  Ready to use right out of the package
  4. It even has a lid to keep the surface of the stamper clean.
  5. And the stamper head is super huge, 4 cm wide.  Which makes is great for all nail sizes and lengths.

This stamper is a MUST have for everyone...newbies and vets.

What do you think about the clear stamper?  I would love to hear your opinion; comment below!

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Here's the review video: