Hello everyone!

To jump off my blog relaunch I am starting off with a mini-series where I break down each step of the basic manicure.  Most importantly, explaining why each step is done, the proper technique  and the tools needed.  

Let's get into it!


Why we trim our nails is pretty simple.  To reduce length (whether it be voluntary or involuntary) or  to change the shape of our nails.



  • Leave nail polish on while trimming & filing - to ensure nail is evenly shaped. 
  • Leave nails slightly longer than desired length, as filing will also reduce length
  • Purchase stainless steel implements

Start with dry nails; you do not want to trim your fingernails when they are wet.  (Although you can trim your toe nails when wet, as they are much thicker than your finger nails).  Trimming nails while wet can weaken them.

You should trim your nails from corner to center.

Why: It prevents weakening of the nail plate.  Trimming them by starting at the center requires excess pressure to be applied.  Causing weakening of the nail plate at the apex of the nail plate, which is the strongest point of the nail.

Avoid cutting the nails too short. When the nails are too short, you can end up with ingrown nails. Which is extremely painful, and requires a trip to the doctors office to address.  As licensed nail techs are legally not permitted to cut living tissue!