Hello everyone!

On to the next step...filing.


Another simple answer...to refine the shape of your nails and take down the length.  It's best to use nail clippers and then file if you are drastically reducing the length.  



  • Leave nail polish on while trimming & filing - to ensure nail is evenly shaped. 
  • Start with dry nails 
    • Trimming wet nails can cause weakening and damage
  • Use a 180 grit ( or higher) nail file on natural nails
    • Less than 180 grit is too coarse for the natural nail
    • 100 and 80 grit are for acrylics
  • File in one direction only (left to right or right to left) using the courser side
    • Using the "seesaw" motion will weaken and can lead to peeling (separation of the layers of the nail plate)
    • If shaping round, oval or almond file from sidewall to center
  • Use the smoother side to refine the shape and smooth corners
  • I personally do not buff my nails unless I have ridges 
    • do not try to buff the ridges completely out at once...you will thin out the nail plate
      • This should be done gradually
    • You should buff nail from cuticle to free edge


  • 180 grit ( or higher) soft nail file (almond, oval or round)
  • 180 grit ( or higher) hard nail file (coffin, square or squoval)
  • Glass nail file (any shape, but best for coffin, square or squoval)
  • Buffer block