Hello everyone!

Alright, we have made it to the final step.  This is a quick one, but also important as this step can determine the wear time of the polish.


Have you noticed that no matter what brand of polish you try, it starts chipping within a day or two? Or maybe even the same day!  Skipping the nail prep step could be the reason...given that your daily job isn't gardening, hairdresser, dishwasher or some other profession that requires the use of your hands and nails.

Oil on the nail plate, will lead to your polish chipping prematurely.  And washing your hands with soap and water, prior to applying polish will not prevent this, as most soaps have some sort of moisturizing ingredient in it.


  • Saturate the cotton with alcohol or polish remover
  • Wipe the nail plate completely with saturated cotton
  • Make sure to get in the sidewalls 


  • Alcohol & non-moisturizing remover is effective at removing oil from the nail plate
  • I prefer using the +Zoya Nail Polish 3-in-1 formula Remove+
    • It's a polish remover, nail cleaner and nail prep
    • And it works AMAZINGLY! It's the only remover I use.