Hello everyone!

I just wanted to do a brief follow up on the Breaking Down the Manicure series.

Regardless if you are an avid salon goer or a DIY-er this information is good to have.  My goal is not to make salon goers stop going to the salon to become DIY-ers and vice versa, but to inform you of the proper techniques that should be implemented.

If you are an avid salon goer, its important to know and understand the steps and proper techniques, so that you can recognize when something is not being done properly.  Improper technique can lead to all sorts of negative results and injuries.  The main purpose of going to a salon is to come out with gorgeous nails.  But salon goers should also understand that nail techs are not miracle workers.  And that there are nail care steps that you should be doing regularly between salon appointments.  At home care is necessary for maintaining and continued improvement of what your nail tech does in the salon.

For example, if you only have cuticle oil applied when you're at the salon and you go twice per month or even weekly...2-5 applications will yield no benefits whatsoever.

And if you are a DIY-er this information is even more important because you want to ensure that what you are doing is not actually causing damage to your nails.  Or you have been doing your manicures at home regularly, but your nails just aren't improving.  This is not to say that lack of nail health improvement solely rests on the doer, as there are many other factors, such as genetics, diet, hydration, medications and etc.  But what you can definitely control is what you are physically doing and knowing how to properly perform the manicure and why each step is done will only help you achieve your nail goals.  And even help you figure out if there may be some other underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

And if you are like me, I have Myasthenia Gravis, which causes muscle weakness.  There are days where I cannot hold a cuticle pusher nor the nippers and my left hand is just weaker than my right.  So I also wanted to share alternative ways to achieve the same results.  Beautiful nails!

Think of it this way...you want healthy beautiful skin, you implement a skin care regimen.  Nails are no different.

Your nail care regimen does not have to be extensive, it will vary depending upon the condition of your nails and the time of the year.  But there are things you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally.

Daily: hydrating
Weekly/biweekly: cuticle care, performing a manicure, treatments
Monthly: treatments

With all that being said, I hope you found this mini-series helpful.  And of course I will have more posts on nail care.  Such as going into more detail about the nail care regimen and what my specific regimen is. Products and treatments that will be beneficial to your overall nail health.

What does your nail care regimen consist of?  Comment below.

Stay Polished at All Times !!