Hello everyone!  I hope you are doing well!

I have been wanting to try these duochrome, mirror and holo glitters since they came on the market.  I was able to get my hands on this absolutely fabulous duochrome glitter from BornPrettyStore.

I saw it on BornPrettyStore

$1.99 1g/box Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitter Powder Gorgeous Nail Art Chrome Pigment Glitterscom

First, this product is meant to be used over gel polish, as I do not wear gel polish often, I wanted to see if it would work over regular polish.  And it does, but you do not get the "true" mirror finish with regular polish.  But it still looks amazing.  I will apply this glitter over gel polish as well.

Here's my 10% off discount code: LORW10

Things to keep in mind when applying over regular polish :

  1.  Do not let the polish to dry completely, so it can adhere properly.
  2. Do not rub the glitter in as you would over gel polish
  3. Lightly tap the glitter onto the mainly dry polish

Here are the application steps:
  1. Apply base coat and base color and allow to dry
  2. Apply top coat over the areas you wish to apply the glitter
    1. I applied it over the entire middle finger and diagonally on the ring and index fingers
  3. Once the top coat is almost dry, pat the glitter onto top coat with applicator.
    1. the included applicator is the same as those inexpensive eyeshadow applicators
  4. Clean up any glitter on the skin with polish remover and clean up brush
    1. you can also use latex tape to reduce cleanup
  5. Finally, apply final layer of topcoat.

Polished At All Times...by Lo'Rain