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Sorry that I have been MIA, but life has just been extremely busy and I am trying to get back on track.

Today's product review is going to be of the G Queen sunglasses. And I must say I am absolutely pleased with the sunglasses.

These sunglasses are definitely summer essentials because the polarized lenses.
If you have never worn sunglasses with polarized lenses you are definitely missing out. The view from the sunglasses is absolutely amazing in that it doesn't darken your view as does traditional sunglasses.
To clarify, it doesn't darken your view in the same way, but it does shield and protect your eyes  from the bright ass sun. Which is why I definitely wanted to try them out.  Aside from the fact that they are fly as hell!

  1. Very well-made; not made of the cheap flimsy material.
  2. Comes with a protective drawstring bag and a cleaning cloth.
  3. The lenses comes in 9 shades; and the frame comes in 11 shades.
    1. frame and lens combinations vary...not all lens colors available for every frame color selection
  4. Great price!!!
  5. Provides greater level of UV protection
  1. While inside my car, it was a little difficult to read my phone screen
  2. Shiny services would look like a rainbow of colors and not one solid color (its hard to explain)

Without sunglasses on
View through polarized lens

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