Hello everyone!  I hope this post finds you well.

I have been so excited to try out the Madam Glam Peel-off base coat, so naturally its the first product I decided to try out.  Those of you who have been following me on my blog and on my YouTube channel for a while know that just hate the process of removing gel polish.

The reasons I hate the gel removal process are as follows:

  1. The potential for damaging your nails (especially when removing them myself...my left hand is significantly weaker than my right hand, and my grip is not as good so I usually end up damaging my right hand).
  2. I'm impatient...so the time consuming process is uber annoying (the foil wrapping, THE WAITING,  and the scraping off)
  3. Even when using the steam off machine, its a time consuming process when I don't want to scrape with a pusher or wood stick, so I have to leave it in longer so I can just flake off.  And the amount of time needed for this process varies from brand to brand!  ugh
For the reason above, I was stalking the tracking info after placing my order because I was just so excited to try this product.  I would like to wear gel and glitter polish more often, but the removal process just annoys me to no end.  So, did I find the solution?  Keep reading to find out.

I need to first start by mentioning that for the gel manicure that I am removing in the demo I did not use only Madam Glam products, as I had a friend do my nails for my birthday.  Usually when I test a product, I will exclusively use the brands products.  I will be doing another demo using only Madam Glam gels and regular polish.  

  1. One coat of the peel off base coat was used
  2. One coat of China Glaze Gelaze Fairy Dust
  3. My girl Meagan did a negative space color blocking design, using Gelaze, Bio Seaweed Gel and Madam Glam California Love.
  4. Because the Gelaze has a runnier formula we had to keep flash curing
  5. One coat of XXX gel top coat (I really like because it is very difficult to remove)
Here as some pics of my birthday nails...which turned out amazing!

My initial review of the product:
I must say that I was pleased with the ease of the removal process.  It took about 7 minutes to remove one hand...It would have been less time I'm sure, but I was recording the demo video and talking through the process.

The main thing to keep in mind, is to leave a tiny bit of a gap so that you can easily use the wood stick to get up under the edge to begin lifting the polish off.  Once you find the edge, the polish pretty much comes off in one full piece.  Which is amazing!!

But, I do have to be honest and mention that some thin layers of my nail plate did peel off with the polish.  I will say the amount of my nail plate that peeled of was minimal. Now this could be due to several different factors such as:
  • Only applying one coat of the peel off base coat
  • The brands of polish used
  • Having to flash cure each layer!
  • Or even the hard to remove top coat
Here are pics of my nail immediately after removal

Also, I did have to repaint my middle finger on my right hand within about 4 days, because the tip of the nail broke under the gel and I was able to easily peel it off.  I then applied 2 coat of the peel off base coat, and then painted the entire nail with California Love.  When I peeled it off there was no damage at all!  

For the next gel manicure, I will use only the Madam Glam gel polish, and I will apply 2 coats to one hand and only one coat of the peel off base to the other hand.  I really want to figure out if the number of coats applied makes a difference in ease of removal and reducing damage.

Please comment below and let me know your experience if you have tried the peel off base coat.

Here's the actual removal video: